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“I thought I was so smart buying that apartment complex in 2006. The rental market is so cheap now I could not pay the mortgage but with the property under water I was sure I couldn’t sell the property. Cash4deed made it happen!”

Sean Compton
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“I knew I was going to lose my house. I was also certain I was going to lose my truck, and with it my business to get back up on my feet. When I contacted Craig from cash4deed I was didn’t have much hope. He said he would get me cash for my home within 7 days. He was wrong. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the title. It took 9 days. NINE DAYS! Not only was I able to save my truck, I was able to completely pay it off. Without that extra bill I am going to be able to rebuild my finances much faster. Thanks cash4deed!”

Doug Hill
Loxahatchee, Florida

“After my husband’s automobile accident and subsequent unemployment we were looking at losing our home and its entire investment to the bank. I was told by a Realtor that it could take fourteen months to sell our house and the bank foreclosure would only take three. By the time of the foreclosure we were desperate, my husband was depressed and still laid up and I was eating through our savings. Thankfully we were able to liquidate the house, keep our credit rating intact, and walk away with enough money to get us back on our feet. I wish I’d never been in that situation to begin with but cash4deed was a life-saver.”

Maria Chacon
Coral Gables, Florida

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